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Great Pyrs & Paws Rescue

Our Purpose

Great Pyrs & Paws Rescue is a 501c3 organization with a network of volunteers across the United States. We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome unwanted, displaced, and neglected Great Pyrenees along with other Livestock Guardian dogs that are abandoned in high kill shelters throughout Texas. By placing them in caring and nurturing foster homes we are able to successfully adopt them to loving homes throughout the Western United states. Our mission is to engage community members to promote better treatment of these dogs and reduce euthanasia numbers through adoptions, education, and other resources. 

Adopting Our Dogs

We have puppies, adults and Pyrs with special needs that are all looking for their forever home. Before you decide on the one for you, take a look at the adoption process and the requirements we have.

Helping the Pyrs

Adopting a large dog isn't a commitment that everyone can make, but there are other ways you can help them. Sign up to be a foster, share your time walking and socializing them, or help with some of their needs to just name a few.

Primer on Pyrs

Great Pyrenees are known for their intelligence and loyalty. While we are thrilled you want to adopt, you should understand that this breed is different from most others. We've put together some great resources to get you started with your research.

Who We Are

We are excited to be the new face for Great Pyrenees rescue in Texas!

Great Pyrs & Paws Rescue is a partner with National Great Pyrenees Rescue ( and is excited to be the new face for Great Pyrenees rescue in Texas! Our vision is to be at the forefront of generating awareness concerning the mistreatment and over-population of Livestock Guardian Breeds, specifically in Texas. Our rescue focuses on finding forever homes for the Pyrs in Texas and in the Pacific Northwestern states, by placing them with fosters and adopters in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and California.

We partner with transport companies such as Four Paws in Motion & Jodie's Canine Cruiser Pet Transports to safely get our Pyrs to the their destinations.  We also welcome and support other transport arrangements, such as air travel, if the adopters prefer.  Our transports are typically twice a month, so your new family member can arrive from Texas quickly.

Our Impacts in Numbers

We're just getting started, but keep watching and these numbers will really take off!


Available Pyrs

We're rescuing dogs from shelters almost every day



Rescue a Pyr today

Your Gift Can Save a Pyr

Great Pyrs & Paws Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations go directly towards caring for our Pyrs. We are also partnered with National Great Pyrenees Rescue ( to save as many pyrs as we can nationally.