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Fate brought Muffy and Barbie together in the same foster home and now they are besties!  Their destiny is leaving for their forever home as a bonded pair.  These two start playing the minute their eyes open in the morning and they will continue until bedtime if allowed.  These two love to do  almost  everything together including galloping in and out side-by-side for potty breaks, patrolling the property, and digging holes in the yard.  Barbie is a hilarious goof ball and very expressive!  She is coming up on her 1-year birthday in January.   She has an assertive play-style that includes lots of growly noises but it’s all good natured.  Barbie has a strong Pyr paw and runs like a rocket, so would not do well in a house with small children. Typical of most female Pyrs Barbie is independent and strong-willed (and typical of some teens, a little demanding) so she will need Pyrents who are strong and fair leaders and willing to work with her and provide consistent boundaries.  Barbie has a jaw deformity due to possible trauma or birth deformity but she has no problems drinking and eating.  Barbie continues to learn it’s okay to ride in the car and is crated trained although not a big fan.  Barbie does NOT like sharing food or treats with Muffy so they need to be separated while eating.  Barbie is still learning there is plenty of water for everyone so may need to be redirected while Muffy is drinking. Barbie is currently being fostered in Tacoma, WA. 


1) PUPPIES WILL ONLY BE PLACED IN HOMES THAT HAVE AT LEAST ONE MEDIUM TO LARGE YOUTHFUL, PLAYFUL RESIDENT DOG that is age 1 or older. This helps integrate the dog into your household easier by giving the pup a mentor.

2) These puppies are not livestock dogs. They must be family pets that are allowed inside the home.

3) In addition to the youthful playful dog, someone must also be home at least part of the day. Please do not apply for a puppy if you are gone 8+ hours a day.

4) We give preference to applicants with prior Great Pyrenees knowledge/experience.

5) Secure and visible fencing required.

6) You must have a plan in place to socialize your puppy properly.

7) Please do NOT write us and ask if this puppy is available. If it is posted, it is available. However, we may be working other applications that came in before yours. If so, by the time you are approved, the puppy may not be available.

Adoption Fee: $425

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested and up to date on vaccinations. 

Transport Fee: $300

Transport fee includes the cost of transport plus the Health Certificate required for USDA approved transport.

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

Adoption applications can be found on our website:

Northwest adopter pays cost of transport to independent transport company.  Transport is arranged by GPPR.




Name:Barbie (with Muffy)
Breed:Great Pyrenees / Mixed (long coat)
Age group:
Status: Available for Adoption
Additional Information
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Children
  • House trained
  • Up-to-date with vaccines