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Let’s say you walk into a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor and the server asks, “Do you want one scoop or two?” 

Really? Is this even question?! Everybody knows that two scoops are waaaay better than one. Well…the same is true of Pyrs.

Ben and Jerry are a “bonded pair” currently being fostered in Portland, Oregon. A “bonded pair” means two doggies that love each other so much, they must go to the same forever home. 

You might think that taking on two giant mountain dogs is crazy. But you’d be wrong…as you’re about to learn. First, we’ll tell you a little bit about these adorable creatures. Then, we’ll tell you why adopting a bonded pair is the way to go.

Ben and Jerry are male Great Pyrenees/Retriever mixes. They are 3-4 years old rescues from rural Texas. 

Both are super sweet, love playing with toys, and are good around people and with dogs of all sizes. A great day for this pair is one spent chasing and wrestling each other, followed by intense power napping on one or more comfy couches. Yet despite their many similarities, Ben and Jerry have distinct personalities.

Ben is a suave, amiable charmer who has proven to be irresistible to the (human) ladies. Jerry, on the other hand, is a quirky, socially awkward boy who ‘talks’ a lot (aroooo) and loves to appear unannounced in doorways .  

If you’re a Seinfeld fan, think of it this way:  Ben is like Jerry, and Jerry is like Kramer.

So…by now, you think that you may be falling in love with both Ben *and* Jerry.  But you’re still feeling some trepidation about committing to 180+ lbs. of fluffy love. Well…here are ten reasons why adopting Ben and Jerry as a bonded pair is not just acceptable, but preferable to adopting just one.

DOUBLE TROUBLE…NOT! You need to understand two things: (a) A bored dog can be a naughty dog; and (b) Bonded pairs are never bored or lonely. Bonded pairs keep trouble at bay.

I DON’T HAVE ROOM FOR TWO. Unless you live in a college dorm room, you *do* have room for two. Pyrs sleep a lot—preferably on a nice, cool wood floor or a fluffy carpet. If you have a couple square feet of floor space here and another couple there, you have enough room for a bonded pair to live comfortably and happily. And if you have a couple of couches, your home will feel to them like the Ritz Carlton.

NEAT AND TIDY. Ben and Jerry are a well-behaved and well-socialized couple. As retriever/pyr mixes, they have one weakness, retrieval. How else to better express their adoration for you than to snap up some of your smell on a sneaker or a t-shirt, right? It’s a sign of LOVE.  And an opportunity! Ben and Jerry will motivate you to maintain a positively tidy household (and invest in cute doggie toys)! Ben and Jerry say, “You’re welcome!”

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. Pyrs take guarding their domain seriously. They are ready 24x7 to protect their home against noisy garbage trucks and marauding FedEx deliverymen. Experienced bonded pair humans say that their dogs tend to practice job-sharing. One sleeps while the other stands guard. Such job-sharing lessens the possibility that the International Brotherhood of Guardian Mountain Dogs will try to unionize your home.

LOVE…SOFT AS AN EASY CHAIR. With the correct positioning on a sofa, a bonded pair doubles as both a heated pillow and an ottoman. Win-Win!

OH, THE ATTENTION YOU’LL GET. You think walking a gorgeous, white mountain dog through the neighborhood will get you attention? Try walking two! And if you’re single, two pyr specimens like these will attract all the local hotties!

ABOUT THOSE WALKS. It’s the best part of the day. Ben and Jerry enjoy a leisurely 30-minute stroll twice a day. By “leisurely,” we mean lots of stops for sniffing and allowing neighbors and kids to pet the fluffy “polar bears.”

IT’S OK TO PLAY FAVORITES. While it’s important that you love all your children equally, there’s no need for such impartiality with a bonded pair. You prefer Ben? Hey, that’s Ok…because your partner prefers Jerry. Go forth and spoil each without guilt or the looming threat of expensive couples counselling.

WE’RE GONNA ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM-A-ZOOM. Ben and Jerry like vigorous zoomies, but let’s face it…you ain’t getting any younger. Luckily, a bonded pair is a self-contained zooming unit with no human participation required. Let them do all the work, while you save your creaky knees and crack open the beverage of your choosing. Bonded pair zoomies make for a great spectator sport. Just be prepared to vacuum when they’re done.

AND FINALLY. Both Ben and Jerry eat special dog food that agrees with their somewhat sensitive tummies. These are gourmet dogs we’re talking about, after all. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than normal dog food, but not outrageous. Have you sent kids to college? And let’s be real…Ben and Jerry, all in, are still cheaper than a Porsche (and twice as sexy: see point #6).

All our dogs require secure VISIBLE fencing. All current pets in adoptive home must be spayed/neutered and   up to date on vaccinations. 

Adoption Fee: $200

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.

Transport Fee: $150

Transport fee includes the cost of transport plus the Health Certificate required for USDA approved transport.

Adoption applications can be found on our website:  

Northwest adopter pays cost of transport to independent transport company.  Transport is arranged by GPPR.





Name:Jerry and Ben
Breed:Great Pyrenees / Labrador Retriever / Mixed (medium coat)
Age group:
Status: Available for Adoption
Additional Information
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Children
  • House trained
  • Up-to-date with vaccines